Album Cover
The Faded And Away Mixtape
4th Division Music Group
Released: Aug 25, 2015
Label: 4th Division Music Group
The latest offering from the 4D Family.
A mixtape worth buying, something you can relate to and love.
The Faded and away mixtape is produced by Vypa V,Nerdy,The Immortals and Paul Cabbin.

Its worth a thousand listen

Story Iine (Mixtape)

A kid is Tired of being the loney quiet good kid and decides to go partying.After a few parties he get wild and turns Up like no other, dancing on tables, asking out girls out of his league,getting drunk.
Doing this for a few night causes him to lose his girlfriend and goes partying again.
He then wakes up in another city not knowing how he got there, when or why with no memory of last night.
Faded And Away

-Recorded at the Villagehood Studios

-Released under 4DMG

-Album Design Credits,Nerdy,Vypa V

-Production, Vypa V, The Immortal, Paul Cabbin

Genre :Hip-hop, R&B and Kwaito
Album Cover
Beats For Sale
4th Division Music Group
Released: Jun 17, 2015
Label: 4th Division Music Group
title :Demi God
Trap beat
Hard trap

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