Columbia Records Hits Up Vypa V

A fee weeks ago,The 4D management recieved an email from Columbia Record seeking for Vypa to submit a demo because ,the A&R guy,David Aaronson,said he likes his creativity amd sound,and thinks he should submit.. Is this the beginning of something big? Wait and see


after close to 18 months of selling beats,Vypa decides tafter close to 18 months of selling beats,Vypa decides to indulge himself in two brand news sneakers by Relay Jeans.


Well this nigger is balling Now.. 

Hard work pays off!!!  

New Remix by Vypa V

Vypa is at it again with his new remix of Riky Ricks Tick tick boom which was produced by Tibot. This is for the Captain Morgan Remix Competition. Support the young Producer This is a simple trap but twisted bass drum. Hope you will like it. Riky Rick-Tick Tick Boom #CaptainOClock by @Vypa_4dsa #Trap

New Music : Vypa Remixes Danny Darko's hurricane ft Julien Kelland

Danny Darko released a hot house featuring Julien Kelland, a 16 year old fr. Canada. Stream this remix by Vypa V on soundcloud as he fuses Deep house with Electro and tribal music.. Great track for relaxing and just jamming. Listen to Vypa V-hurricane Remix ft Julien Kendall (Deep-ElectroTribal) 115bpm by siyamthanda sokhanyile #np on #SoundCloud

4D To have its own clothing line soon

News have arised that the 4D Empire will be releasing its first clothing package in form of caps (snapbacks). "We are very excited about this new endeavor we are on and we hope people will buy the caps and show love to 4D" a statement by Vypa V,leader of the media. Nerdy second in command said that he supports and believea that Vypa in this endeavor and wi support the team throughout everything as that is what family is for. Quite a tight leadership this is and a lot is promised by these two, stay locked to the 4D Website for more news.

Pre-order Your copy

Have you pre-ordered what is being considered as one of the hottest mixtape to come out this year. Pre-order your copy now To be Order your copy,this is how you do it -Email -Use "Pre-order" as subject -Your message -Send -we reply come 5 August,you make payment,we deliver. and you get 4 extra Songs

Our Followers

New Site Up

you see the thing is, when you are new to the industry people take you lightly. we are doing what we want to do amd surprising people along the way. Now we have this huge a*s site with all out info for you as the fans, the supporters.The support you have been giving us is what drives us to do more. So we built a bigger and better site. Dont forget to Sign to our mailing list

4D signs new Artist

4th Division Music Group signs mew artist from Mount Frere who goes by the name "Mysta Dangled Era". As the label head said, 4DMG is not only based on music, but creating a family,implementing good morales, developing young musician and help them generate income from their art amd know the value of money. Love Respect Trust

Faded And Away Mixtape Tracklist

Faded And Away Tracklist (1) Nathens Skit (2) Some Time f/t Nendro (Prod By Vypa) (3) Summer Vibes (Deluxe) (Prod By Vypa V) (4) Kinda Easy f/t Nerdy (Prod By Paul Cabbin) (5) Muggin (Deluxe) (Prod By Vypa V and Da Immortal) (6) No Rules f/t Nerdy & Kosa ChosenYe (Prod By Vypa & Kosa ChosenYe) (7) Siya puza (Prod By Vypa V) (8) Mnya's Skit (9) Trina Williams Skit (Prod By Vypa and Da Immortals) (10) Faded (Prod By Vypa V) (11) O.H.O.A.N (Deluxe) (Prod By Vypa V) (12) You Can Go f/t Nerdy & Kosa ChosenYe (Deluxe) (Prod By Vypa and Kosa ChosenYe & Nerdy) (13) Last Night (Prod by Rj Sid and Vypa V) (14) Outro (prod by Vypa V) Pre-order yours now and Get the Deluxe Edition with 4 extra songs.

Who is Vypa V

Vypa V is a Rapper ,Producer, Sound Engineer And Entrepreneur.Only at 18,He is running his own Entertainment House ,4th Division Money Family. Vypa V Started making beats at the age of 10 on his mothers laptop and grew his rap Skills from there. Coming From a musical family he couldn't deny that music was in his blood and started taking in rapping at an early age. Through out the years,he joined a rap Group called Genocide with MrizzyDaGOOD and A.T from 2008 to 2009.He then left the crew to focus on his kid life, doing what Kids do. 2012 He came back to the music scene and started writing and beat boxing during his grade 9 Year. He was widely popular for his Rapping and Dancing in schools and always performed at School events to a point that no event was an event if He didn't perform. Early 2013 He Formed 4th Division, a music group with childhood friend Nerdy T (Thato Nondabula).The two had big dreams of making it in the industry and creating a legacy, bringing change. During this year He Started working harder on his beats and selling them to local and international rappers. He became known for his beats and was considered as the "Next Kid". His Writing skills also grew throughout the year and late October 4th Division Recorded their first Song "Burn It" and "Moment" with rapper Khanya and singer SnZ. Early 2013 Vypa V Went on to get hired at a local Studio as a Producer and Sound Engineer (Villagehood Media House) where he is currently working. After getting this opportunity his production skills grew magnificently and got the Term "BassDrumKing".His Rap skills also grew a lot throughout the Year together with his music group. He then decided to change 4th Division from just a music to group to a business, a media empire which he then called It 4th Division Money Family which had sub sectors such as 4thDivisionMusicGroup ,4th Division Marking, Promotion and 4th Division Online. With 4DMG, he signed three artists under him,Nendro,Kosa ChosenYe and Zimkitha. Vypa V has released 4 projects under the label including "The Break In Mixtape" , "I am Vypa V Ep" , "The Introduktory Beat Tape,The Unexpected Beat Tape" mid 2013 He started doing a lot of interviews with radio stations on his music and business till the end of the year. He them Dropped a single "Stay Down" with was No.1 on the Alfred Nzo Charts for 5 weeks straight and regular Top 3 tracks afterwards. 2014 was a great considering his chart topping songs "Stay Down" , "Duke City" and "Deny". 2014 he focused more on production skills then he went on to create jingles for Alfred Nzo Community radio station and beats for local and international artists. Same year we saw him build his business into something recognizable and a force to reckon with. Throughout the ye he did radio interviews and even co hosted a Radio show with Dj Pitch from Alfred Nzo community Radio Station. He then Designed album cover for rappers and singers including Big O on Coupes and Cold Drinks which featured Major US Artists like Wiz Khalifa. The end of 2014 Vypa V and his teammates started working on their first group mixtape #FadedAndAway. They later dropped A track Called faded which premiered number 1 on the Radio Charts Top 5 staying there for 3 weeks still counting. The mixtape is due out End of August. A period which they termed #TurnUpSeason Vypa has references from a few Industry Acts or in term Legends like Andy Magazi . Not just a rapper,he does excellently in school including that he is Student President and many other achievements.

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