4DMG (formerly known as 4th Division Music Group) is a family of Musicians from South Africa.The Group is a subsector of 4th Division Money Family A Media company that was formed by two indie rappers Nerdy and Vypa V. 4DMG is Hip-hop/RnB Group with ever growing members.Current Members are Vypa V (Leader),Nerdy T (Second in command),Nendro, Zimkitha,Kosa ChosenYe and Mysta Dangled Era. 4DMG was founded in 2013 and till now, they are still an indie Group and will continue to Be independent. 4DMG is the most successful group in their town, considering download,features and sales. The Group is lead by Vypa V who is Also the Producer and Sound Engineer and Promoter. "The Grind starts in the Mind" Even though 4DMG is a group the artists are solo acts combined to form a music family. Thr family has gone to release a number of compilations like -The Introduktory Beat tape -The break in mixtape -The Unexpected Beat tape -I Am Vypa V Ep

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